How does Syndicate Tool compare with other websites?
Feature Syndicate Tool Other websites
Purchase your lucky numbers online Participate in draw games automatically YES YES
Create and join unlimited syndicates Play together with friends, family and colleagues YES NO
Members can see all numbers and results No more pestering the manager or photocopying tickets YES NO
Collect money from members automatically No more spreadsheets and chasing payments YES NO
Costs and shares are divided automatically Payments are transferred instantly after each draw YES NO
Continuous playing Set up the numbers once, sit back and never forget YES NO (only some games)
Add unlimited members with the click of a button Your odds increase with every person YES NO
Members can join and leave at any time Payment and shares are calculated per-ticket YES NO
Syndicate agreement Never have a dispute over tickets or results YES NO*
Unlimited weekly spend Set up your syndicate the way you want YES NO (£350 limit†)
Multiple payment methods Pay by debit/credit cards, cheque, bank transfer YES NO (only debit accounts)
See all tickets and payments on your account Compare your results month by month YES NO (only past 6 months)
Track your progress Create beautiful reports and charts YES NO
* Camelot offers a PDF document that must be printed, updated and signed every time a syndicate member joins/leaves or the syndicate wants to change the tickets/draws played. Camelot specifically asks managers not to involve them in the execution of this document.

† The Gambling Commission prohibits Camelot from exceeding a £1,000 spend limit per account. The default limit is £350.