About Syndicate Tool
Built by syndicate managers, for syndicate managers

Syndicate Tool is an online application that makes life easier for syndicate managers. We provide a management tool that lets you run syndicates with the click of a button.

Get the fun back in playing as a team! No more spreadsheets and paper notes. No more pestering for winnings or photocopies of tickets. It's quick, easy and free!

Build your syndicate on Syndicate Tool and get:

Fully automatic payment and prize sharing
Add as many syndicate members and tickets as you like! Syndicate Tool collects money from members and divides winnings among them automatically.
Syndicate members can see all tickets and results
Ticket copies are stored safely in your account. Create and print beautiful reports of your progress towards the jackpot.
Get a real syndicate agreement
Never have a dispute over tickets or winnings. Finally every member has total visibility and accountability.
Safe and secure accounting
Rest easy in the knowledge that every payment and prize is tracked in a full accounting system, and that a real syndicate agreement protects you when you win big.